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 Rolling in the Deep, Britt Robertson ~ 17 ~ A-Lister
 Posted: Feb 3 2015, 12:52 AM
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© Norah

Anissa Rae Johnson
Anissa Rae Johnson, a stylish girl of the age of seventeen born to the parents of Kyle and Leanna Johnson. They were loving, rich, nurturing… rich… people. They would give their only daughter whatever she wanted. When she was three years old, her parents bought Anissa a puppy named Frankie. After a couple of years, Anissa got bored of the puppy and they gave the dog to Anissa’s aunt. The dog was seven years old, and he was Anissa’s best friend even if she thought she didn’t need anyone but her momma and daddy.

Anissa’s parents got a phone call on her tenth birthday, about bad news with Frankie. It turned out that Frankie had somehow gotten loose and got ran over by a semi-truck. It crushed Anissa’s heart and she realized at such a young age not to take anyone for granted. She needed everyone she could possibly have. As she began to get older and older, she would go through friends like going through the paper. She never found a friend good enough to her standards.

That all changed when she met Scarlett - one of the only people that got her to change a bit. they were so close and they were like sisters until Anissa got with boy. He ruined everything, but Anissa didn’t care. She liked being with him. Until the fateful day that she heard that Scarlett had thrown herself at him, it crushed Anissa and she and everyone else in their group of friends shunned the girl. Anissa is confused now without her best friend...

a-lister, sweetheart


Alright, so for friends… Anissa will be a tough one. She will judge everyone and compare them all to Scarlett but it is possible for her to have some friends. Once you get passed the mean exterior you get sweet Nissa. The girl that would do absolutely anything for her friends.


Anissa will probably have a lot of enemies. She’s not the nicest person in the world but she’s not the meanest, if she has any it wasn’t meant to be. Anissa thinks that if someone wants to hate her, they can but even when they do, and if she notices it… She’ll try to make up with them unless they are in a lower level than her.


Anissa is with someone BUT, I would love a plot where she actually finds someone who makes her a sweet and nice person. Someone who makes her want to change and then she secretly hangs out with them and such. But I’m also willing to do ex’s and maybe one night stands and such, Anissa is not a prude.

17 | Junior | Britt Robertson
norah | 19 | pacific | pm
 Posted: Feb 3 2015, 11:44 PM
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© saiyuri

Hello and welcome to SHBS! We're glad you've shown interest in our site, and so far we really like your character, however there's a few very small details we need to work out. There will be a PM explaining the details sent your way soon.
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