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 THE MIGHTY FALL, two open fcs
 Posted: Jan 28 2015, 06:20 PM
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So first of all I am going to say read her app. It's not too long and will help with understanding this. So this first one is for Scarlett's best friend and I tried to be as vague as possible with her in the app because I knew I was going to be requesting her. They both grew up in Paradise and met in Kindergarten and were inseparable. When they started High School this girl was very nervous but Scarlett was able to calm her down. It took a little bit of time before the A-Listers noticed them; Scarlett because of her big personlaity and style, and this girl because she is gorgeous and extremely rich. Now I said that Scarlett was one of the ones who followed when it came to being mean to other people and she was never actually rude to someone else, she just observed. This girl though could go either way, pick on people or be more like Scarlett. So this girl was dating a guy who was year older than her for six months and the summer before their Junior year she went on vacation and wanted Scarlett to keep an eye on him because she didn't fully trust him, she was partially only dating him because he was popular and an A-Lister, so Scarlett did. At the party, both of them had been drinking, the boy kissed Scarlett and she freaked out and pushed him off of he but everyone spread the rumor that it was the other way around. After that Scarlett was kicked out of the A-Listers and they don't talk anymore, though the girl is still dating the same guy.


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Now here is the boy, again read her app to help understand this. This one is more simple, he is a senior and an A-Lister. In my head he is the typical jack-ass, pretty boy, thinks he can get any girl, etc. He is the one that came on to Scarlett at the party and she was surprised and pushed him off of her. I have a feeling that he was mad she rejected him, even though he was dating her best friend, and spread that she came on to him and started the whole big mess. Now him and the girl are still dating and if he is still cheating on her is up to you and all. So that's all I got for him, if you have any ideas let me know!
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