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 The Rules!, read um!
 Posted: Jan 3 2015, 01:21 PM
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the rules


01. so before you sign up, please look at the member list to make sure that your character does not share the same name as someone else. we don't really want name repeats, because that can get confusing. so if you do happen to make a character with the same name as another, you will be asked to change it, we don't want twelve tiffany's running around. the only case of same last names will be if they are related..

02. when signing up, please sign up with your character's first and lastname in all uppercase letters. for example: JOHN DOE. if you make a mistake, it's not a big deal, just go change it in the username change option, let an admin know, and they'll approve it. but we are sure you'll get it right the first time!

03. make sure to fill out all your mini profile stuff as soon as possible after registering. for any fields that don't apply (wanted as, as an example) just fill it out with a dash or n/a or something.

04. after being accepted, PLEASE fill out all your claims before posting elsewhere on the site.


05. while we don't have a limit for how many characters you make, there are a few rules. before you go off and create an unlimited amount of characters, you need to have a shipper posted for all characters. your first two characters are "free", but after that for every character you post all of the previous ones needs to have at least five ic posts. that means an actual thread, not im or texting and we love to plot so getting that many posts isn't that hard!

06. then there's ratios. people are always making a buttload of girls, and sometimes it gets out of hand. we ask that for every two girls you make, the next has to be a boy. boys are great, make lots of them! this is something that includes any further characters you make. so if you've got four girls that means you will have two boys

07. all face claims need to be at least thirteen years of age. we ask that you keep the age within reason, so that we're not running around with freshmen that use a face claim that is over thirty years old. it's not realistic. just be smart with your choices. if you're not sure, just check with the staff.

08. we don't allow signatures. your avatar should be 250x400 pixels, and the mini profile gif should be around 130x130, but if not it'll resize. let's try to keep them clean as well, no rampant nudity that could get us shut down by jcink. images MUST be the proper size. if your image is not the staff will give you a warning, then change it to something if you do not fix it, after that you will be given a warning. images must not be stretched and all images must be uniform.

09. so the youngest you can make are freshmans and the oldest you can make are seniors. the reason for this is that the town itself will build off of the original characters through our time line. we want it to be realistic where people do graduate, some go to college, others just stay in town and work.

posting & activity

10. we are a no wordcount site, but we do require that you at least use proper grammar and spelling. running your posts through a spellchecker doesn't take long. we prefer quality over quantity, and we're character driven, so don't feel the need to post a novel just because your roleplaying opponent is. as long as the thread is flowing, rock on. we're laid back and love all our little creatures!

11. all posts need to be in third person. this should go without saying, but let's just mention it anyway.

12. we ask that you post at least once-twice a week. if you don't post in a week, it's not a big deal, but at least log in every time you get on so we can see you're alive. drop us an absence note if you know you're going to be gone, as is common courtesy. if you haven't logged on for a week and you're without an absence note, your claims will be forfeited. same goes if you haven't posted in an ic thread for five days, you will be warned. once it hits seven days, your claims will be forfeited as well. this does include phone or im threads. it needs to be an actual rp thread.

rating & other stuff

13. we have a 222 rating, which is as follows: language: swearing is generally permitted. however, the language cannot be used to severely abuse. sexual content: sexual content is permitted. references and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not. fade to black, or mature tagging are recommended. when tagging use the [m] tag in the topic title. violence: graphic violence is permitted. explicit description or in-game narration violence is allowed.

14. respect is key. have respect for each other. this includes members, guests, and staff members. we're rather laid back here, and we don't want to deal with your petty cbox drama. if you have an issue, question, or concern, please pm a staff member. don't make a public deal about it in the cbox. if you create drama, you'll only be warned twice before we ban you for life. we want everyone to get along!

15. the cbox is a privilege, and if you cause problems, that privilege will be taken away and you'll be banned. problems include spamming, treating others with disrespect, or causing people to feel uncomfortable. so please be respectful and don't make us take that privilege away.

16.our timeline! okay so we do have time that passes here which is kept up to date. every two weeks in our time is one month in their time. so six months in realtime is one year in roleplay time. there will always be a post in the announcements that will inform you what month it is. if you have any further questions please let us know!

ty sophia
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