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 The Member Groups!, what's yo title
 Posted: Jan 3 2015, 02:33 PM
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the membergroups


the a-list. the cream of the crop. those who rule the school and strike fear into those below them. they've earned their crowns for various reasons but there is always a traitor among them. you don't want to be caught back stabbing your fellow a-listers unless you have a desire to fall to the bottom of the ladder. a-listers have the privilege of being able to boss the lower lists around like their little servants.

    Preps #c94cc9

    Team Players #d166d1

    Sweethearts #d97fd9


the b-list.while these people are certainly not at the top of the social ladder they feed off of the a-listers. they only survive through trying to hide in the shadow of those above them or even serving them. honestly these people usually are just waiting for someone to slip up so they can slither in and take the spot. however it normally doesn't last long as they were not meant to take those places. they are no where near ruthless enough.

    Wallflowers #ff7878

    Wannabes #ff8787

    Squealers #ff9696


the we move down the list we move to the list that is really ignored. they are often talked about or judged by those around them although they are also used. they are the kids you want to go to for fun or for talent no matter what kind it is. very rarely do the a-listers want to be seen with them.

    Floozies #32add6

    Art Freaks #4cb7db

    Party Hards #66c1e0

    Nobodies #84cde6


the d-list.well for the d-list they are pretty much the scum. no one gives them half a thought, even the c-list, which is usually how they like it. they are often the kids who no one wants to be seen with or related to. they try hard usually to fit in or maybe they just want to be left alone. if you're the lowest on the totem pole get ready for some shit to fly your way.

    Nerds #5ebe00

    Burnouts #6ec419

    Loners #7ecb32

    Hasbeens #8ed14c


these kids have actually done it! they have graduated from paradise high! however once they have they chose to just work instead of going to college. they are not good hardworking citizens! well sort of...

    Graduates #ffc000

College kids

out of the frying pan and into the fire! these kids have decided to take the next step and go to the local college! way to go you guys! unlike their fellow graduates they chose to try and get themselves a degree in possible hopes to get the hell out of paradise

    College Kids #ff6c00

Drop Outs

the lowest you can probably get here on the totem poll. drop outs have normally dropped out in their second year here at paradise high. maybe they had problems that were the reason or maybe they just couldn't hack it. who knows! either way these kids didn't graduate.

    Drop Outs #b39eb5

ty sophia
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