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 The Cliques!, where do you fit in?
 Posted: Jan 3 2015, 11:41 PM
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the cliques

Preps #c94cc9

the best of the best! the preps are clean cut, wealthy, and ruthless. they are the kings and queens of the school who enjoy the luxury of their title. these kids are the ones you want to come to your parties, or even the parties you want to go to, if you wanted to get noticed. they are the quintessential in crowd! the worst thing to do is to piss one of these people off otherwise you'll be eating your lunch in the bathroom for the rest of highschool!

Team Players #d166d1

jock? athlete? future olympian? that's what these kids are! they aren't always your average dumb jocks but they still love their sports! working out all the time, practicing constantly and attempting to get scholarships for college! they are relatively even with the preps and these two groups mingle without any trouble. if you want to get into the in crowd trying to get in with this group isn't a bad idea either.

Sweethearts #d97fd9

have you ever known those kids who just everyone loved? well here they are! no judgement on others of any of their lower count-parts. they've manage to wiggle their way through the ranks to sit comfortably in this role. if they were any ranking in a royal system they'd be an adviser to the kings or queens. they've usually got a desire to stay out of big drama and know how to keep their heads on straight.

Wallflowers #ff7878

want to be unnoticed but yet still apart of the social scene. these people can often be family members or maybe even childhood bestfriends of the a-listers. usually shy but very interesting they are often the able to sit with or hang around a-listers without really being noticed. for them it's the perfect life to be in the scene without really being in the scene.

Wannabes #ff8787

talk about annoying? these people want to get into a top spot more than life itself! the a-list often find them annoying however keep them around as 'errand people' for them when they want to do their dirty deeds. while they normally form their own groups very rarely they are allowed to sit, as long as they are silent, with the a-listers. while they sometimes think that they are the kings and queens it's far from the truth and they often are thrown back down into their place.

Squealers #ff9696

who wants to gossip!?!?! these are the worst possible people to say anything around. somehow they've manage to take a place in the b-list simply for the fact that they give information to the a-list. these squealers have no problem twisting stories for their own personal gain or just to watch someone they dislike fall. some squeal looking for a better position or some squeal simply for the joy of manipulation.

Floozies #32add6

keep it in your pants! these are the little whores and sluts of the school who run around with their legs open or their drawers dropped. often they are the ones to go to if you want a fix from a long relationship break. they are the ones you meet up at a party with a screw in the bathroom without little more than a hello. if they could get paid for their craft they'd be millionares!

Art Freaks #4cb7db

those who make drama, art, music or dance their life! nothing else pleases them more than spending long hours working on their art with little social interaction. they are thbe people that you stare at sitting in the corner table making shapes out of lunch meat wondering what went wrong in their lives. well they are perfectly happy thank you!

Party Hards #66c1e0

get funky! talk about the life of the party! partying in their life and well they love it! these are the kids you want to invite to your party or even ask them to plan! they will make sure to get everyone dancing, drinking, and just generally having a good time! unfortunately the side effect of that is they often don't take other things very seriously, like school, which can get them into all sorts of trouble.

Nobodies #84cde6

the nobodies just barely make it onto the c-list as they often just don't want to participate in the social groups. nobodies don't really have a place in any category as they kind of just don't stick out. they enjoy hiding away and being unknown in any crowd. often these kids aren't shy or like to be alone they've just chosen to stay out of the drama. they enjoy the freedom that they have through lack of judgement because no one notices them! some love to party, others love to sit quietly and read, some really just like to watch the drama unfold!

Nerds #5ebe00

if you want to be tutored you could always just threaten to take their lunch money? while these kids will probably end up being CEOs and billionaires for now they are just nerds. so sadly they have to deal with the teasing and the names until that time. however often for those less intelligent folks these kids are their ticket to graduate! don't want to do your homework? or have to get paired with someone for a project? these are your kids.

Burnouts #6ec419

wanna get some of that feel good stuff? then you've come to the right place! these kids are high pretty much ninety percent of the time and care very little about anything. their laid back don't care attitude is part of the reason that they are so low on the totem pole. no one would be caught dead with a burnout! it'd be far better to be caught with a nerd!

Loners #7ecb32

lonely lonely life. these people often just don't have a desire to be in the company of others. sometimes there is a true reason such as problems at home or severe bullying when they were younger. however they don't really like to be in large groups and feel far more comfortable with a few close friends.

Hasbeens #8ed14c

did you fall from grace? well this is where you'd land. a hasbeen. someone who was an a-lister that possibly got squealed on. maybe they got caught hanging with a d-lister so they got thrown here. either way this is the worst possible place you could be at paradise high.

ty sophia
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